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The objectives of the Global New Car Assessment Programme (Global NCAP) are for the promotion of public safety and public health, for the protection and preservation of human life and for the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment in particular by:


    • (a) promoting and conducting independent research and testing programmes that will assess the safety and environmental characteristics of motor vehicles and their comparative performance and disseminating the results to the public; and
    • (b) promoting the development of new car assessment programmes, by providing financial support and technical assistance, and facilitating international co-operation with and between such programmes.



Global NCAP is a UK company limited by guarantee (No: 075139000) and a registered charity (number: 1141798). Our
Memorandum & Articles of Association
is the governing document of Global NCAP. The Board of Trustees has also adopted a policy on anti-bribery and corruption and a code of conduct for trustees.


Our latest Annual Report and Financial Statement can be viewed here: e-reader



The current Trustees of Global NCAP are:


Max Mosley – Chairman
Guido Adriaenssens
Dr Verona Beckles
Nirav Dumaswala – Treasurer
Anders Lie
Lauchlan McIntosh
Adrian Lund



Global NCAP Trustees have adopted the following Mission Statement:


Global NCAP aims to support the development of new consumer crash test programmes in emerging markets where vehicle growth is strong but independent consumer information on crashworthiness is frequently not readily available.


To achieve this Global NCAP will offer support to New Car Assessment Programmes (NCAPs) in emerging economies and regions by offering technical support guidance and quality assurance.


Global NCAP will also provide a platform for cooperation for NCAPs and like organisations around the world to share best practice, to further exchange information, and to promote the use of consumer information to encourage the manufacture of safer cars across the global automotive market.


Global NCAP will carry out research on innovations in vehicle safety technologies, their application in global markets, the range of policies that will accelerate their use and monitor the progress of vehicle safety across the globe.


Global NCAP will also develop a global awards scheme to recognise achievement in vehicle safety, innovation in safety related technologies, and products.


Global NCAP has consultative status with the United Nations (ECOSOC), is a member of the UN Road Safety Collaboration, and supports the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.



David Ward – Secretary General
Alejandro Furas – Technical Director
Richard Woods – Senior Advisor
Jessica Truong – Programmes Director & Asia Pacific Coordinator
Shakireh Ispahani – Director of Partnerships & Events
Katie Baker – Director of Finance & Governance



Global NCAP is pleased to acknowledge funding support from Bloomberg Philanthropies, the FIA Foundation, International Consumer Testing and Research, and the Road Safety Fund.



Any further inquiries should be sent to Shakireh Ispahani, Administrator, Global NCAP, 60 Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DS, UK.



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