31 Oct 2012
ASEAN NCAP featured in Australian News Channel, ABC

The ASEAN New Car Assessment Program has been featured in an ABC News Report. Khairil Anwar, NCAP Development Manager at the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) and Chairman of the ASEAN NCAP Technical Committee, explains that car manufacturers often remove safety features to reduce costs in markets where government regulations may not be as stringent as those in Europe and North America.

Testing the Totoya Vios, the highest selling car in ASEAN markets, and with a number of variants, Khairil Anwar announces that Toyota is now planning to equip all vehicles in the ASEAN region with improved safety features.

Kate Arnott, for ABC news, also reports that, “other manufacturers are also making their cars safer before full testing begins to ensure a higher star rating. Researchers say manufacturers can no longer use cost as an excuse and more safety features can still be affordable for consumers in the region.”

Lauchlan McIntosh, Global NCAP Trustee and Chairman of the Australasian New Car Assessment Program agrees that, “it costs more money. It’s not necessarily expensive. In terms of the total cost to the community it’s much better to have a safer car”.

Dr Jennifer Oxley from Monash University adds that, “they [safety features] are getting less and less expensive to install in cars. You would be looking at full airbag systems, electronic state control, ABS, cruise control and the like. I think that would be at least a minimum. And then you can look at other things like advanced seatbelt reminders, actually in these countries I think you really do need some seatbelt reminders because seatbelt wearing rates are so low.

Lauchlan McIntosh concludes that, “we know from some surveys undertaken in Malaysia and Indonesia recently that people are starting to look for safety when they buy a new car. Why would you buy a new car that is likely to cause some injury or even death in a collision when you can provide a safer product?”