24 Oct 2016
Car to car crash test by IIHS, Global NCAP and Latin NCAP
Nissan Tsuru and Nissan Versa


Global car safety organisations, IIHS, Latin NCAP, and Global NCAP will perform a Car to Car Crash Test, between two popular car models of the same sedan category – one sold in the United States and the other sold in Mexico.


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the New Car Assessment Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean (Latin NCAP), Global New Car Assessment Programme (Global NCAP) will host a Car to Car Crash test on 27 October 2016 at the IIHS headquarters in Virginia, USA.

The 2016 Nissan Versa, sold in the United States and rated ‘Good’ by the IIHS, will be crashed into the 2015 Nissan Tsuru, sold in Mexico, rated ‘Zero Stars’ by Latin NCAP, will be crashed into each other with a 50% overlap and a combined closing speed of 80mph (129km/h).

The test will highlight the significant difference in safety standards between these two base line sedan models sold by the same manufacturer in different markets.

A number of experts will be on hand prior and after the crash to explain the procedure and the results.

The test forms part of Global NCAP’s ongoing campaign #NoZeroStarCars, which aims to eliminate zero star cars from the global fleet.


Thursday 27 October, arrival 12.30 US ET, test at 13.30 US ET


Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
988 Dairy Road
Ruckersville, VA 22968


Adrian Lund, President, IIHS
María Fernanda Rodríguez, President Latin NCAP
Alejandro Furas, Secretary General, Latin NCAP
David Ward, Secretary General, Global NCAP
Stephan Brodziak, Vehicle Safety Coordinator, El Poder de Consumidor (Mexico)


Crash test footage and crash test still photographs will be made available shortly after the event.


Russ Rader, IIHS: +1 202 257 3591 – rrader@iihs.org
Carolina Pereira, Latin NCAP: +598 98 268802 – c.pereira@latinncap.com
Gus Glover, Global NCAPL: +44 7848 066891 – g.glover@globalncap.org


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is an independent, nonprofit scientific and educational organization dedicated to reducing the losses — deaths, injuries and property damage — from crashes on the nation’s roads.


The New Car Assessment Program for Latin America and the Caribbean (Latin NCAP) offers consumers independent and transparent information about the safety levels that car models have in the market. Latin NCAP tests are based in international renowned methodologies, with vehicles awarded with a safety rating between zero and five stars, indicating the protection the cars offer to adult and child occupants.


Global NCAP is an independent UK registered charity serving as the global platform for new car assessment programmes worldwide. Global NCAP has consultative status with the United Nations (ECOSOC), is a member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration and the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety. Global NCAP supports the UN Global Goals and Decade of Action for Road Safety.