18 Apr 2013
Global NCAP 2013 Annual Meeting to take place in South Korea

Following the successful inaugural event in Malaysia last year, Global NCAP’s second annual meeting will take place in Seoul on 29-30 May. The meeting, held in conjunction with the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles conference, will bring together the world’s NCAPs to exchange best practice in consumer-oriented safety testing.

A Communications Group meeting will focus on the challenges and opportunities for NCAPs. Discussions will focus on the use and misuse of NCAP logos as well as opportunities for closer coordination on some key issues.

During the closing plenary session, Chairman Max Mosley will present Global NCAP Awards to recognise the organisations, companies and individuals helping to save lives and make vehicles safer. The Awards identify Consumer Champions, Innovations and Individual Achievements.

Last year’s Consumer Champion Award went to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for establishing the first ever new car assessment programme; Robert Bosch GmbH received the Innovation Award for its key role in the development of ESC; Joan Claybrook was the recipient of the Individual Achievement Award for her pioneering role in establishing the first NCAP.

The meeting will take place in the Coex Convention Centre in Seoul.