14 Apr 2014
Global NCAP and Latin NCAP organises joint press day

Global NCAP and Latin NCAP organised for the first time a Press Day at ADAC Laboratory (German Automobile Club) at Landsberg, Germany. The activity was held on March 7th and brought together media from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and India.

David Ward, Global NCAP Secretary General, said: “Global NCAP believes that independent crash testing can make a real difference to road safety. They help to educate consumers and they give manufacturers an incentive to improve vehicle safety. Events like this give the press first-hand experience of crash testing and bring home to them just how important they are. The response was fantastic – we had some great discussions and journalists came away with a fresh perspective on vehicle safety.”

Alejandro Furas, Global NCAP Technical Director, said: “It was exciting to see the media from our region to participate of this activity. We were able to offer to them first-hand information and we made them to get involved with the entire process of the test. We hope to be able to organize this activity again very soon”

Latin NCAP delivered during the Press Day a “Five Stars Award” to the German Automobile Club for their continuous and invaluable support to the Programme.

The car used for the Press Day was the Suzuki Swift. The result of the test will be introduced by Global NCAP in May.

Press coverage so far has been substantial:

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