13 Jul 2011
Global NCAP launched at ESV in Washington

Consumer crash test programmes promoted by NCAPs have proved very effective in creating a market for safety that encourages car purchasers to choose safer products. Included in the vehicle section of the UN’s five pillar plan for the Decade is a recommendation supporting “implementation of new car assessment programmes in all regions of the world in order to increase the availability of consumer information about the safety performance of motor vehicles”. Consistent with this recommendation GNCAP has adopted the following ‘Mission Statement’

– GNCAP aims to support the development of new consumer crash test programmes in emerging markets where vehicle growth is strong but independent consumer information on crashworthiness is frequently not readily available. To achieve this GNCAP will offer support to New Car Assessment Programmes in emerging economies and regions by offering technical support guidance and quality assurance.

– GNCAP will also provide a platform for cooperation for NCAPs and like organisations around the world to share best practice, to further exchange information, and to promote the use of consumer information to encourage the manufacture of safer cars across the global automotive market.

– GNCAP will carry out research on innovations in vehicle safety technologies, their application in global markets, the range of policies that will accelerate their use and monitor the progress of vehicle safety across the globe.

– GNCAP will also develop a global awards scheme to recognise achievement in vehicle safety, innovation in safety related technologies, and products.

During the ESV a meeting of world NCAPs was held to exchange experience and best practice. Participants included AusNCAP, EuroNCAP, Global NCAP, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Japan NCAP, Korean NCAP, Latin NCAP, the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research, and US NCAP. An NCAP booth was also organised in the exhibition area of the ESV conference displaying the work undertaken by the various NCAPs around the world. The ESV is a biannual event bringing together vehicle safety experts from government, industry and the research community. The next ESV will be hosted by South Korea in 2013.