02 Nov 2015
Global NCAP Spotlights China’s Leadership Opportunity in Road Safety

Speaking at the 2015 Road Safety Leader Summit hosted by the China Automotive Technology and Research Centre (CATARC) in Beijing Global NCAP’s Secretary General, David Ward has urged China to take up a global leadership role in road safety. “As a world and automotive superpower China can become a world leader in road safety” he said, “if it puts its considerable weight behind the UN’s Global Goals and the target to halve road deaths by 2020”.

Highlighting the recent WHO report which showed that only 40 countries worldwide apply the most important UN vehicle safety standards, Ward encouraged the Chinese government to adopt them all by the end of the current UN Decade of Action for Road Safety. Pointing out that only 40% of new cars in China are fitted with the anti-skid technology electronic stability control, Ward recommended that this life saving technology be made mandatory. “This would save help to save thousands of lives in China and demonstrate exactly the kind of leadership needed to support the Decade of Action” he said.

In an opening speech to the Summit Mr Wang Hing, the Chief Secretary of the China Road Traffic Safety Association in the Ministry of Public Security confirmed that in 2014 the country suffered 197,000 road crashes and 58,000 fatalities. Mr Hing outlined the government commitment to reduce road injury and stressed that success depends on promoting a shared responsibility for road safety.

The Road Safety Leader Summit, hosted by CATARC’s President Zhao Hang, brought together members of China’s ‘Decade of Action Union’ which includes a large number of automotive and supplier companies committed to action to the countries serious burden of road injuries. The Summit also discussed the role of China’s New Car Assessment Programme (CNCAP) in stimulating demand for safer vehicles. Speakers from the car companies confirmed that positive effect of CNCAP and their aim to achieve five star results in the programme’s crash test.