05 Apr 2013
NHTSA seeks comments on plans to develop its US government’s New Car Assessment Program

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is seeking comments from the public on proposed changes to its New Car Assessment Program

Opportunities to influence the formulation of a government’s NCAP are rare and safety researchers and engineers are encouraged to read the request for comments at: https://www.federalregister.gov/articles/2013/04/05/2013-07766/new-car-assessment-program-ncap

The agency is considering a large number of amendments to its protocols that range from crash avoidance technologies, to special ratings for the elderly, to new dummies, barriers and injury criteria. Comments are invited on around 20 safety technologies and test procedures, including:

– Blind Spot Detection
– Advanced Lighting
– Lane Departure Prevention
– Crash Imminent Braking and Dynamic Brake Support
– Automatic Pedestrian Detection and Braking (forwards and reverse)
– Crash Notification Technologies
– Crashworthiness for rear seat occupants
– Separate safety ratings for older occupants
– Pedestrian Protection
– New Test Dummies: WorldSID, THOR, Hybrid III 95th Percentile Male
– New injury criteria: BRIC, SID-IIs Thoracic and Abdomen, Lower Leg
– Refined Injury Criteria
– New Test Protocols for Electric Vehicles
– Comparative Barrier Testing for Frontal Rating
– Advanced Child Dummies
– Adjustment of Baseline Injury Risk
– Update of the Rollover Risk Curve
– Child restraints

The aim of such an exhaustive consultation is to ensure that it focuses future developments on improvements that will have the greatest safety benefits. Comments must be submitted by July 4 and will help the agency to develop a proposal for changes in the near-term. They will also support the development of a draft five-year plan for its NCAP program.