The matriarch of vehicle safety, Joan Claybrook, speaking at the 40th anniversary celebration of NCAP safety. Read the full transcript of her insightful speech here: #NCAP40 ... See MoreSee Less

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Why do dummies weigh so much? Because people weigh that much. The dummies are not just shop mannequins you can carry over your shoulder. They are scientifically accurate test tools, designed to react in the same way as a human body in a crash (they are ‘biofidelic’, for the scientists out there). Inside, they‘re equipped with transducers that measure accelerations and forces to assess the risk at injury. We move them around in wheel-chairs and use hoists to man-handle them into position. ... See MoreSee Less

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A series of agenda was arranged during the 3rd Vehicle Safety Course that was organized at KMUTNB last 6th August 2019. We have summarized the day through the news prepared at the following link. We hope the course has been beneficial to all participants regarding road and vehicle safety. MIROS KP Miros
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#StopTheCrash es una iniciativa que promueve las tecnologías que previenen siniestros de tránsito. Conoce cómo un mismo vehículo se comporta con y sin Control Electrónico de Estabilidad #ESC
#StopTheCrash é uma iniciativa que promove as tecnologias que previnem acidentes de trânsito. Conheça como um mesmo veículo se comporta com e sem Controle Eletrônico de Estabilidade #ESC
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Mark your calendar for Tuesday, August 20, and help us blast a unified message out on social media: Hot cars can kill. Never leave a child alone in a vehicle – not even for a minute. #HeatstrokeKills #CheckforBaby ... See MoreSee Less

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