11 Apr 2014
UN General Assembly calls for NCAPs in all world regions

The UN General Assembly has adopted a new resolution on road safety that calls on Member States to implement new car assessment programmes (NCAPs) in “all regions of the world in order to improve availability of consumer information about the safety performance of motor vehicles”.

During the debate a number of speakers highlighted the important role that NCAPs are playing during the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety. Michelle Yeoh, representing Malaysia mentioned the efforts of ASEAN NCAP and Lord Robertson representing the UK welcomed the funding support of the FIA Foundation for Global NCAP’s work with both ASEAN and Latin NCAP. Michelle Yeoh said: ”Through cooperation between the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research and Global NCAP, ASEAN NCAP has completed two phases of testing 25 popular models in the region’s market.”

The landmark debate held in the UN headquarters in New York also confirmed that in 2015 Brazil will host a Ministerial Conference to review progress on implementing the Global Plan for the Decade. The resolution reaffirmed the importance to Member States to implement safety regulations of the World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations, and also encouraged the international community to include road safety in the framework of the post-2015 development agenda.

Global NCAP’s Secretary General, David Ward, joined Lord Robertson as part of the UK Delegation in the debate, in his capacity as Secretary of the Commission for Global Road Safety. Ward said: “It was an honour to be with Lord Robertson representing the UK and a great pleasure to see the adoption of a resolution that strongly endorses the work being carried out by Global NCAP supporting new crash test programmes in the rapidly motorising countries.”

Download the UN’s Resolution here

Read the UN’s press release here